Chloe Stirling

About Me

        Hi! My name is Chloe Stirling and I am a senior at Triad High School in Troy, IL. I was born at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville on April 7, 2002. When I was a baby, my parents and I moved back and forth from Illinois to North Carolina because my dad was in the air force. Now, I live in Troy with my mom Heather, my dad Ched, my younger sister Sophie, and my two dogs, Cozmo and Jetta. When I am at home, I enjoy playing with my dogs, hanging out with friends, and running my cupcake business, Chloe’s Cupcake Kitchen. I started baking when I was about 9 years and I started out by just filling orders for my friends and family. By about age 11, I had a wider customer base since i was getting more business by word of mouth. But on January 27, 2014, my mom got a call from the Madison County Health Department while I was at school. When I got home that day, she told me that I was no longer allowed to bake and sell cupcakes to the public because I was not properly certified. I was devastated and decided we had to do something. A few days later we got a call from Illinois representative Charlie Meier. He asked me if I wanted to testify to the house committee in Springfield and try to get the Law changed. Not only did I testify to the House committee while I had 90 health departments against me, I testified to the Senate committee and won both, unanimously! In June of that year, the governor of Illinois came to my house to sign House Bill 5354 into law in my own Kitchen.While all of this was happening, I was invited to New York, where I was a guest on many shows, including John Stossel and Rachel Ray. While on Rachel Ray. I was given brand new appliances by the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro. I also was invited to Los Angeles in 2015 to compete on the pilot episode of Cupcake Wars Kids, where I got second place. The entire experience of the political and public rollercoaster was amazing and taught me lots of life lessons at a very young age. I learned that you cannot give up when you are told you can’t do something. I am still the proud owner of Chloe’s Cupcake Kitchen and bake cupcakes for any occasion. I used the money I make to buy my first car when I turned 16, with the help of my parents. Besides baking, I also have many other hobbies. I enjoy fishing with my grandparents, going to the dirt track to watch stock car races, watching sports with my family, and dancing for my school. I have been dancing for Triad for 6 years and this is my second year on Varsity. We perform at football games, basketball games, and dance competitions that go from December to February. After dance practice, I usually go to work at Homegoods in Edwardsville where I am a sales associate. After high school, I want to go to college at the University of Southern Indiana. I plan on getting my general studies done and possibly getting a business degree while I am there. After I graduate from USI, I would like to attend Purdue University to study veterinary medicine. I have always loved animals and have been interested in being a vet since I was little. If I get my veterinary degree. I would want to open up my own veterinary clinic. Whether I open a veterinary clinic or not. I do know that I want to be a business owner. I have always been an entrepreneur and I like being in charge of myself and what happens with a business. I hope that CEO class teaches me more about being a business person and hopefully a future business owner. 

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  • You are very decisive and a risk-taker.
  • You can be extremely persuasive.
  • You work well in a wide variety of locations and are able to shift gears quickly onto various projects.
  • You prefer a neat, orderly and structured work environment.