Hope Sampson

About Me

        My name is Hope Sampson, I am 17 years old and I have a very eventful life. I have 7 siblings total, 4 are my birth siblings and 3 are my adoptive siblings. I was put in my adoptive home in 2006 and stayed here. Almost as soon as I got there I was put on a swim team, the Gators. I have been on that swim team for 12 years. I’ve also played basketball, soccer, and bowling. I have bowled for 5 years, and I still love it. 

        There is a lot that has happened to me since my 4th birthday, which is as far back that I can remember.6 weeks after my 4th birthday I was hit by a car. After recovering form that I was put in Foster Care in 2006. August 14th 2006 was the day I was put in my current home. I’ve been in 3 different schools, and I am now homeschooled. 

        Things that are important to me is school, because where would you go without an education? Family is also important because they are family no matter how upset you get with them, they are always there. Friends, because sometimes you just need a break and I think friends are a great way to have fun and relax and just be you. Sleep is important to me because it helps you stay in your best health and keeps you from getting run down. Working is also important to me because I will not be a teenager forever and my parents will not always buy me what I need or want forever. I work to save money for the future. I also think the place you work is somewhere you want to be, I think it should be a place where it’s fun but also work.

        Some of my role models are my parents, because they both work full time jobs and they still find time to go on bike rides and have fun with us. I am very grateful for them and all that they do for us. My grandpa Scheller is a great role model to me because he is 89 and is really funny even after his brain surgery and all the other surgeries he’s had. He never seems to stray from who he really is and that is inspiring to me. My older brothers Keenai and Quest because Keenai is pursuing his dream.  He is trying his hardest to do what he loves most and i’m so proud of him! Quest is having fun when he can but he is also working and figuring out what he wants to really do, but he hasn’t drop his current job while trying to figure out what he wants to do. I’m inspired by my older sister, Tyme, because she has everything planned out. She knows what she wants to do and she is prepared for it. She works her tail off and always succeeds with what she wants to and I wish I could be that focused.  

        Some achievements of mine are, I have completed my Silver award in GilScouts. The volunteering I did to accomplish my Silver award was to clean headstones and footstones of deceased military members. I thought that was an important thing to do for all of the people that lost their lives for us and our country. I have also recently hiked the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I led a team of my peers successfully up Spanish Mountain. While hiking in the mountains I slept outside, sometimes in the snow, for 11 consecutive nights. 

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  • You prefer a work environment that is not too pressured or filled with constant change.
  • You bring a definite optimistic attitude to projects and tasks.
  • You blend well with others and get along with a wide variety of others.
  • You are fine with change when it is clear how it will improve efficiency.