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About Me

        My name is Jacob Peneston; and I am currently 17, I am a senior at Triad High School. I have only one sibling and she is attending the University of Missouri , she is only a year older than me. I have a chaotic middle class household, we are always off doing something. I have three great dogs; two male Boxers- their names are Odie, and Percy, and a female Miniature Schnauzer- her name is Sammie. That's enough about my home, now it time to go to me. This summer has been pretty uneventful compared to my others. I visited French Lick, Indiana; a wonderful town considering it is in the middle of nowhere. I went hiking, cave crawling, and fishing; I wouldn’t consider myself an outdoorsy person, but I love to do things that can challenge me. I have played football for every year of my life, until sophomore year. I have played baseball every year, but only on a Rec league. I am a fairly religious person, I am a baptist and I go to First Baptist Maryville. Last, but not least, I was born in Maryville the year was 2002. 

        Enough about my past, now let’s discuss the present. I would like to attend Eastern Illinois University, but I have a couple backups just in case. Once done with college I would like to get a job as an accountant. My prefered place of living will be in Texas, or in Ireland; more specifically Dublin. I have not decided if I want to become a personal accountant or a corporate accountant. I don’t have much experience in complex work environments; but I do have a job at Troy park. I work there for maintice and concessions; I also used to Umpire for baseball, and Referee for soccer. So, I am no stranger to dealing with customers, money, difficult task, or following directions.

        Who knows what the future will hold, but I would like my own accounting business. I just recently started fully embracing the idea, so far I came up with an app or website concept. I am still working to find a name that has not yet been claimed. On the website I would have the bulk of the functions and info; and on the mobile app I would have it set up to where you can contact us, see your accounts, or ask questions. For the website, you can facetime a consultant and work on you account together. It has all of the features of the app and more; like on the website you can actually interact with your account.  There is a lot that needs to be improved upon, but this is just a rough idea; do to the fact that I do not know much about how to start a website or app. 

        That is enough about business ideas, now back to me.  I am a strategic business man, I will plan out every step I will take a prepare for things to go wrong. I am not ruthless, but I wont go dont with out a fight either. A big flaw about me is that I am cautious maybe a bit too cautious. I am an introvert, but once I get a read on the room or person, I turn it on and become Mr. Social if needed. My biggest flaw is once I am invested into something it is hard for me to let it go, it doest matter what it is, or if it is wrong or right I can't make myself give up on it. Let us talk about my strengths, I don't give up on things with the going gets tough. I am capable of taking charge if others want me to or not. Lastly, I am always ready to do any task needed, no task too small no challenge to big. This is starting to look like a job application, but this is my motto and my life style. I will push myself to live by these standards and push myself to go past them.

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DISC Characteristics

  • You think it is important to have some time to evaluate options before acting.
  • When under pressure you actually prefer to work alone. ·
  • You are very loyal when it comes to existing operating procedures.
  • You believe that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing correctly the first time.