John Barberis

About Me

        Hi, my name is John Barberis and I’m currently 17, I’ll be 18 in December. I am hardworking, honest, caring, and laid-back. My friends would describe me as a fun, kind, friendly guy. I currently work at The Edwardsville Gun Club and Saint Johns’ cemetery in Collinsville. Over the summer I also helped my sister babysit and earned a good amount of money from all of my summer work. When I wasn’t working I was outside fishing, playing with my dogs, inside playing xbox with friends or watching Netflix. I live in St. Jacob IL and have lived there all of my life. I went to grade school there and moved to Triad middle school in 6th grade. Then, I went to Triad High School for 9th grade and am currently in my senior year. I’ve always had good grades and was an honors student until Junior year when it would’ve been too much with sports and other conflicts. In the last few summers I played rec baseball at the troy park on a team with my friends and had a lot of fun. I played basketball in highschool until my Sophomore year and have done trap shooting for the school since I was a freshman. Sophomore year our trap team ended up placing first in our league and received a huge trophy, the first trap team award this school has seen, it is currently in a trophy case in the school. I also did track and field until this year where I competed in the pole vault for the school. I enjoy hobbies like; hunting, fishing, video games, and movies. My friends and I play a lot of competitive games and developed great teamwork and communication skills. 

        My goals for the future are to go to college at Mizzou in Columbia, Missouri and major in either business or law. My possible career paths are to go to law school and open my own law firm, it’s also possible to partner with my dad on cases and work together. I don’t know if this is my plan for sure but I know that I want to help people in some kind of way. I had thought of going into the military but after thinking about it seriously for a few years I don’t think that’s my future anymore. Although, ROTC at Mizzou would help me pay for college and law school, so that path is still an option for me. I recently visited a few colleges around here and down south. I visited Mizzou and ISU over the summer and went to the University of Alabama and the University of Mississippi. I didn’t really like the colleges down south because of the weather and the distance. I feel like Mizzou is the best option for me because my older sister went there, I know the campus, I like the climate, and the dorms suit me for what I’m looking for. 

        CEO for me is going to let me find out what I like about the business world and make me try new things while challenging myself throughout the year. It will be challenging for me by waking up early and dressing business casual everyday. I expect to learn a lot through this class and make new connections with experienced business owners. 

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DISC Characteristics

  • You like to carefully weigh the pros and cons on important issues before forming an opinion.
  • You appreciate an open-door policy with both peers and supervisors.
  • You possess excellent listening skills – some of the best.
  • You are excellent at gathering detailed information and examples.