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        Hello, my name is Lauren Stilwell and I am a current senior at Triad High School in Troy Illinois. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri along with my twin sister on August 27, 2002. When I was very young, we moved to Belden, Mississippi for my father's work.  His job forced him to travel abroad most of the year and in not too long, we moved back to Fairview Heights, IL where we attended pre-school. Finally we moved to Troy, IL in February of 2007. Where we moved into the house we currently live in. There we began attending school in the Triad school district starting kindergarten at Henning Elementary. In first grade we moved over to Silver Creek Elementary where we continued our education before going to Triad Middle School and now starting our last year at Triad High School. At the high school I got involved in many clubs, activities, and sports throughout the years that has helped me get involved in the community. I am most committed to the Triad Varsity Dance Team as a third year varsity dancer with a JV pom state championship from my freshman year. Some of the clubs at school I am involved in are Brighter Futures, Link Crew, Triad News Today, and Spirit Club. Brighter Futures helps the Triad student body improve their high school experience by bringing in service dogs and handing out snacks to the students. Last year we also put positive decals on the bathroom stalls doors to help students with confidence and promote better mental health in our school community. Another activity I am involved in is Triad News Today which makes videos periodically throughout the year updating the student body on things happening around the school. We also make entertaining sections designed to lighten and brighten fellow students days. Overall, entertaining and bringing levity to classrooms at Triad is my favorite thing to do in high school.

       When I was younger I had four main goals in life, learn french, learn to play the flute, and graduate high school and college. In eighth grade I learned to play the flute for one year which made me appreciate the band and music in general. I may have not committed to it for that long as dance became my main priority in 7th grade. Freshman and sophomore year I took the french class offered at my school in order to achieve that dream. Finally, my original goals have come to the last two, graduating high school and college. Triad High School had given me so many opportunities in order to graduate and get into the college of my choice, where I will pursue a computer science degree. I plan to further my education in computer science at The University of Southern Indiana with a few of my close friends from around Troy, Illinois. As I begin to set  goals for later in my life, I am not able to be very specific, but I hope to have a stable career that I enjoy coming out of college. Building a strong foundation to begin an exciting life of travelling the world and improving our society all over the country. I am hoping to become a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent or Information Technology technician in the government. This class is fast-tracking my professional career for my entire life.  

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  • You love a good challenge, seek freedom, and look for a lot of variety.
  • You can be somewhat reserved and quiet in new groups of people.
  • You like being mobile and on the go, but you like a home base to return to from time to time.
  • You are a bottom-line oriented person who dislikes fluff and just wants the facts and data.