Andrew Dupy

About Me

Andrew Dupy is a senior at Father McGivney Catholic High School. Besides CEO, he spends most of his time playing basketball, cross country, or track. He is in the National Honors Society and also spends a lot of his time playing guitar. In his summers, he loves to give his time to a Lutheran Summer Camp as a Junior Counselor. For his future, he plans to attend law school and become a defense attorney. As for college, at the moment he is undecided, but is planning to go to wherever best suits his educational desires. Andrew is very excited about the opportunities CEO will open up.






DISC Characteristics

  • You love a good challenge, seek freedom, and look for a lot of variety. You are a great source of innovation and new solutions, even if radical sometimes.
  • You are very enthusiastic in working with others. You seek freedom of speech and the ability to express ideas and opinions openly.
  • You think it is important to follow established procedures and processes. You tend to be a calming influence on those with whom you work
  • You tend to operate independently from the established rules and procedures.