Alayah Benthal

About Me

Hello! My name is Alayah Benthal and I have been a student at Maryville Christian School for six years now! I am currently a part of Student Council, National Honor Society, and the Spiritual Life Team. I also play on the volleyball, basketball, and soccer team and I have made, and continue to make, so many good memories being involved with that.

Outside of school I spend a lot of time involved with my church. Along with that, I really just love hanging out with my friends and family, including playing pickleball, trying new restaurants/coffee shops and all things fashion.

My grandparents started their own business years ago and I have seen their success firsthand. With having this mindset instilled for so long, I look forward to being my own boss one day.  I hope from the CEO program, I am able to have a realistic perspective on what will go into running and starting my own business.

After high school, my current plan is to go to Urshan College in Wentzville, MO. It’s a small bible school that I intend to be a part of for two years at least before completing my degree at a secular college/university.