Amelia Brandt

About Me


Amelia Brandt is a senior at Maryville Christain High School. She has attended MCHS for well over a decade. Amelia is involved in her school's girls' soccer varsity team. During the summer, Amelia is one of the counselors for her church camp. In the spring of 22’, she purchased a forty-foot four horse gooseneck trailer to work on throughout the summer, with the intention of using it to haul her horses and family to go on weekend trail rides together. Amelia’s mom owns a dog grooming shop where she works part-time during the summer. Her family owns a farm in Edwardsville, where they have a multitude of animals including 2 horses, 2 ponies, 13+ goats, 150+ birds, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 bunnies. She hopes to start lessons for kids on her horses as a part time job. Amelia enjoys using her free time to go for trail rides or weekend camping trips with her horses, camping with her family, spending time at the family lake house, or using her free time to read, and spend time with friends. Since freshman year Amelia has thought alot about college, however in her junior year of high school she decided that college doesn’t have the appeal to her, that it may to other students. She plans on being an entrepreneur, using the skills that she will learn in ceo to help her. She is also working hard to get her real estate license before her senior year ends. Amelia desired to do CEO because she knew it would help her grow as a person, extend her small bubble, allow her to push and grow and be successful like she knows she can be. CEO will increase Amelia’s connections with the people in her class, future sponsors and mentors. Amelia is excited to see where her senior year leads her. 

About My Business


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