Andrew Kessinger

About Me


Andrew Kessinger is a senior at Maryville Christian High School. At school, Andrew is a member of the men’s volleyball team and the robotics team. In addition, he also takes part in the tech crew for drama club, plays piano and runs slides for chapel, and is part of the National Honor Society. Andrew enjoys hanging out with his friends and family, making small films, playing volleyball, playing piano, and swimming. He works at Imos Pizza in Troy, Illinois. After high school, Andrew plans to major in Media Communications, but is still undecided where he will attend college. He joined the CEO Program because he wanted to learn what the business world is like and learn good business etiquette so he can enhance his career opportunities in the future.

About My Business


Piefectionistic Pies, owned by Andrew Kessinger, is a pie company specializing in making individual-size pies that are not processed with artificial ingredients or ingredients the average person can not pronounce. As the name of the business suggests, the pies are piefection! This means each one is homemade locally with fresh fruit and natural ingredients like flour, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. Don’t settle for anything less than piefection! You can learn more about Piefectionistic Pies on Instagram and Facebook @Pifectionistic_Pies.






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