Joseph Origliosso

About Me


Joseph Origliosso, raised in Caseyville Illinois, is a senior at Collinsville High School. He plans to follow through with what interests him in high school and attend college. Although not certain of his future, he knows the importance of relationships developed along the way. Friends and Family will forever be a reason to keep moving forward. Learning how businesses work and what they are would benefit anybody. This is why Joseph is pleased to have been a part of the fantastic opportunities offered by the Collinsville Triad CEO to be exposed to such things.

About My Business


The RitzFitz app is an outfit planner that makes preparing what you wear an even more easier and enjoyable experience. Compliment your unique style with easy access to multiple online clothing, accessory, and hair product brands. Improve your fashion sense by viewing a collection of fashion magazines, fashion news articles, and fashion trends. 






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